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Why Do We Use Agricultural Drones?

Nowadays, replacing manual labor with machinery has become mainstream, and the traditional agricultural production methods can no longer adapt to the development trend of modern society. With the development of science and technology, drones are becoming more and more powerful and can adapt to a variety of complex terrains to carry out the work of seeding and spreading medicine.


Next, let’s summarize what benefits drone agriculture can bring to farmers specifically.


1.Improve production efficiency


Drones applied to the field of agriculture, can greatly improve production efficiency. Manual operation process, inevitably encounter complex terrain, to the orchard, for example, most of the orchards are large, the terrain falls, manual drugging walking inconvenience. The use of drones is different, only need to set the operating plot, the drone can carry out spraying operations, but also to avoid direct contact between spraying personnel and pesticides, improving safety.

The increase in production efficiency allows farmers to spend more time on other tasks and gain more income.


2.Saving production cost


In addition to the cost of buying seeds and fertilizers and pesticides, the most expensive part of traditional agricultural production is actually the labor cost, from seedling planting to spraying pesticides requires a lot of manpower and material resources. The drone seeding, on the other hand, does not require so much trouble. The treated seeds are directly sown to germinate and grow. And spraying pesticides is much faster, dozens of acres of land can be completed in less than a day, greatly saving costs.


3.Realization of agricultural refinement management


Drones can be manipulated from a distance, and the health of crops can be monitored at any time through Internet communication and big data, analysis.

Drones are used in the field of agriculture, which is behind the data and equipment at work, is the result of the continuous development of drone technology.

In the future, drones will help free people from the dirtiest and most tiring farm work.

Post time: Feb-28-2023