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60L Gasoline Drone Agriculture Hybrid Drone Sprayer

Short Description:

  • FOB Price: US $30065-31410 / Piece
  • Power: Oil-electric hybrid
  • Size: 2300mm*2300mm*1350mm
  • Weight: 60KG
  • Payload: 60KG
  • Working efficiency: 20ha/hour
  • Product Detail

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    Product Description

    Product Description

    Diagonal wheelbase 2300mm
    Size Folded: 1050mm*1080mm*1350mm
    Spreaded: 2300mm*2300mm*1350mm
    Operation power 100V
    Weight 60KG
    Payload 60KG
    Flight speed 10m/s
    Spray width 10m
    Max. takeoff weight 120KG
    Flight control system Microtek V7-AG
    Dynamic system Hobbywing X9 MAX High Voltage Version
    Spraying system Pressure spray
    Water pump pressure 7KG
    Spraying flow 5L/min
    Flight time About 1 hour
    Operational 20ha/hour
    Fuel tank capacity 8L (Other specifications can be customized)
    Engine fuel Gas-electric hybrid oil (1:40)
    Engine displacement Zongshen 340CC / 16KW
    Maximum wind resistance rating 8m/s
    Packing box Aluminum box

    HF T60H is an oil-electric hybrid drone, which can fly continuously for 1 hour and can spray 20 hectares of fields per hour, greatly improving the efficiency and ideal for large fields.HF T60H comes with sowing function, which can sow granular fertilizer and feed etc. while spraying pesticides.Application scenario: It is suitable for spraying pesticides and spreading fertilizers on various crops such as rice, wheat, corn, cotton and fruit forests.60L Gasoline Drone Agriculture Hybrid Drone SprayerFeatures

    Standard Configuration

    1. Android ground station, easy to use / PC ground station, full voice broadcast.

    2. Routersetting support, fully auto flight operation with A,B point operation.

    3. One button take-off and landing, more safety and time saving.

    4. Contrinue spraying at breakpoint, auto return when finish liquid and low battery.

    5. Liquid detection, break point record setting.

    6. Battery detection, low battery return and record point setting available.

    7. Height control radar, stable altitude setting, suppoting imitative earth function.

    8. Flying layout setting available.

    9. Vibration protection, lost contect protective, drug cut protection.

    10. Motor sequance detection and direction detection function.

    11. Dual pump mode.

    Enhance Configuration(Pls PM for more info)

    1. Ascent or descent according to terrain imitative earth.

    2. Obstacle avoidance function, surrounding obstacles detection.

    3. Cam recorder, real-time transmission available.

    4. Seed sowing function, additional seed spreader, or etc.

    5. RTK precise positioning.



    Product Real Shot

    60L Gasoline Drone Agriculture Hybrid Drone Sprayer60L Gasoline Drone Agriculture Hybrid Drone Sprayer60L Gasoline Drone Agriculture Hybrid Drone Sprayer

    Standard Configuration
    60L Gasoline Drone Agriculture Hybrid Drone Sprayer
    Optional Configuration
    60L Gasoline Drone Agriculture Hybrid Drone Sprayer

    Company Profile

    60L Gasoline Drone Agriculture Hybrid Drone Sprayer


    1.What is the best price for your product?

    We will quote based on the quantity of your order, the higher the quantity the higher the discount.


    2.What is the minimum order quantity?

    Our minimum order quantity is 1 unit, but of course there is no limit to the number of units we can purchase.


    3.How long is the delivery time of the products?

    According to the production order dispatch situation, generally 7-20 days.


    4.What is your payment method?

    Wire transfer, 50% deposit before production, 50% balance before delivery.


    5.What is your warranty time? What is the warranty?

    General UAV frame and software warranty of 1 year, the warranty of wearing parts for 3 months.

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