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Drone Universal Rack Price Beautiful Appearance Multi-Purpose Durable Uav Frame

Short Description:

  • FOB Price: US $640-860 / Piece
  • Size: 1216mm*1026mm*630mm
  • Weight: 5.6KG
  • Tank volume: 10L
  • Power system: E5000 advanced version / Hobbywing X8 (optional)
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    Products Introduction


    The HF F10 suspended plant protection drone platform has a streamlined fuselage and a ring-folding mechanism for the arm, which is smaller and can be carried by a single person.

    The F10 is equipped with a 10-liter water tank with a large water inlet, making it easier and faster to add medicine. The spraying system uses downward pressure spraying, which is more efficient and effective than conventional spraying.

    HF F10 can replace the traditional pesticide sprayer, and its speed is tens of times faster than the traditional sprayer. It will save 90% of water and 30%-40% of pesticide. The small droplet diameter makes the distribution of pesticide more even and improves the effect. At the same time, it will keep people away from pesticides and reduce pesticide residues in crops. The drone has a capacity of 10 liters per load and can spray an area of 5,000 square meters, or 0.5 hectares of field crops, in 10 minutes on a clear day or night, when operated by a licensed pilot.


    Unfolded size 1216mm*1026mm*630mm
    Folded size 620mm*620mm*630mm
    Product wheelbase 1216mm
    Arm size 37*40mm / carbon fiber tube
    Tank volume 10L
    Product weight 5.6kg (frame)
    Full load weight 25kg
    Power system E5000 advanced version / Hobbywing X8 (optional)

    Product Details

    Product Details 1

    Streamlined fuselage design

    Product Details 5

    Super large drug intake (10L)

    Product Details 2

    Quick embracing type folding

    Product Details 4

    High-power divider

    Product Details 3

    Efficient downward pressure spraying

    Product Details 6

    Fast plug-in power interface

    Three-dimensional Dimensions

    Three-dimensional Dimensions

    Accessory List

    Accessory List

    F10 Parts and Accessories Display (Rack)

    Display content: housing and accessories required for installation, frame hardware parts, arm components, spraying kit, sub-board components, stand components, 10L medicine box, and F10 screws used in accessories


    1. What is the best price for your product?
    We will quote based on the quantity of your order, the higher the quantity the higher the discount.

    2. What is the minimum order quantity?
    Our minimum order quantity is 1 unit, but of course there is no limit to the number of units we can purchase.

    3. How long is the delivery time of the products?
    According to the production order dispatch situation, generally 7-20 days.

    4. What is your payment method?
    Wire transfer, 50% deposit before production, 50% balance before delivery.

    5. What is your warranty time? What is the warranty?
    General UAV frame and software warranty of 1 year, the warranty of wearing parts for 3 months.

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