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Factory Price Fpv HD Camera 1.5kg Payload Windmill Transmission Line Electrical Inspection Drone

Short Description:

  • FOB Price: US $8580-9080 / Piece
  • Material: All-in-one carbon fiber body
  • Size: 683mm*683mm*248mm
  • Weight: 5KG
  • Maximum load weight: 1.5KG
  • Endurance: ≥ 90 minutes unladen
  • Product Detail

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    The HZH C680 inspection drone is built for a variety of application environments and is designed to further enhance the possibilities of aerial operations. With its compact design, all carbon fiber unibody, ultra-small 680mm wheelbase and a maximum endurance of 100 minutes (unloaded), this drone provides professional solutions for multiple industries.


    1. 90-100 minutes of ultra-long endurance, can be a long time to carry out inspection tasks.
    2. Can be equipped with a variety of optical lenses, to achieve multi-scene applications.
    3. Small size, easy to fold and carry.
    4. The fuselage adopts integrated carbon fiber design to ensure the rigid and high-strength product quality of the drone.
    5. Strong wind resistance, even when flying at high altitudes, strong winds and other harsh environments, it can still ensure a smooth aerial flight attitude and long-lasting endurance.


    Material All-in-one carbon fiber body
    Expand/fold size 683mm*683mm*248mm (One-piece molding)
    Weight of empty machine 5KG
    Maximum load weight 1.5KG
    Endurance ≥ 90 minutes unladen
    Wind resistance level 6
    Protection level IP56
    Cruising speed 0-20m/s
    Operating voltage 25.2V
    Battery capacity 12000mAh*1
    Flight altitude ≥ 5000m
    Operating temperature -30°C to 70°C


    thermal drone for sale Application

    City management field

    - Routine inspection of public areas -
    - Monitoring of large gatherings -
    - Monitoring of mass disorder events -
    - Traffic management -

    Product Application 2

    Public Security and Armed Police

    - Aerial reconnaissance -
    - Targeted surveillance -
    - Criminal pursuit -

    • Drones have a short ground and aircraft preparation time and can be deployed at any time, featuring low input and high efficiency. The same mission can be accomplished with fewer frames instead of more ground police force, which helps save manpower. Both can fly on high-speed roads and bridges, and can travel between high-rise buildings, and even through the tunnels for accident scene investigation and forensics, showing the flexibility and mobility unique to drones.
    • In mass events,by mounting shouters,shouting in the air to avoid the shouters being besieged; the combination of loud speakers and police lights can evacuate and guide the masses at the scene.
    • By throwing tear gas can forcibly disperse the crowd of illegal disturbances and maintain order at the scene. And in performing anti-terrorism tasks, the launchers of tear gas, grenades and net guns are able to be used directly to apprehend criminals.
    • The mechanical arm is able to directly grab the explosives handling, reducing police casualties.
    • The drone can keep an eye on and monitor the various escape methods adopted by illegal exit and entry persons, and can also carry infrared equipment for real-time monitoring at night, which can be used to scan and find illegal exit and entry persons hiding in the jungle.


    fire fighting drone Intelligent Control

    H16 Series Digital Fax Remote Control

    H16 series digital image transmission remote control, using a new surging processor, equipped with Android embedded system, using advanced SDR technology and super protocol stack to make image transmission more clear Clear, lower delay, longer distance, stronger anti-interference. The H16 series remote control is equipped with a dual-axis camera and supports 1080P digital high-definition image transmission; thanks to the dual antenna design of the product, the signals complement each other and the advanced frequency hopping algorithm greatly increases the communication capability of weak signals.

    H16 Remote Control Parameters
    Operating voltage 4.2V
    Frequency band 2.400-2.483GHZ
    Size 272mm*183mm*94mm
    Weight 1.08KG
    Endurance 6-20 hours
    Number of channels 16
    RF power 20DB@CE/23DB@FCC
    Frequency hopping New FHSS FM
    Battery 10000mAh
    Communication distance 30km
    Charging interface TYPE-C
    R16 Receiver Parameters
    Operating voltage 7.2-72V
    Size 76mm*59mm*11mm
    Weight 0.09KG
    Number of channels 16
    RF power 20DB@CE/23DB@FCC

    · 1080P digital HD image transmission: H16 series remote control with MIPI camera to achieve stable transmission of 1080P real-time digital high-definition video.
    · Ultra-long transmission distance: H16 graph number integrated link transmission up to 30km.
    · Waterproof and dustproof design: The product has made waterproof and dustproof protection measures in the fuselage, control switch and various peripheral interfaces.
    · Industrial-grade equipment protection: The use of meteorological silicone, frosted rubber, stainless steel, aviation aluminum alloy materials to ensure the safety of equipment.
    · HD highlight display: 7.5 "IPS display. 2000nits highlight, 1920*1200 resolution, the proportion of super large screen.
    · High performance lithium battery: Using high energy density lithium ion battery, 18W fast charge, full charge can work 6-20 hours.

    Intelligent Control

    Ground Station App

    The ground station is heavily optimized based on QGC, with a better interactive interface and a larger map view available for control, dramatically improving the efficiency of UAVs performing tasks in specialized fields.

    fire fighting drone Intelligent Control


    Standard 14x zoom focal pod + shouter

    Operating voltage 12-25V
    Maximum power 6W
    Size 96mm*79mm*120mm
    Pixel 12 million pixels
    Lens focal length 14x zoom
    Minimum focusing distance 10mm
    Rotatable range tilt 100 degrees
    military drones Standard-configuration-pods
    Operating voltage 24V
    Maximum power 150W
    Sound decibel
    230 decibel
    Sound transmission distance
    Working mode
    Real-time shouting / card-inserted cyclic playback


    Intelligent fast charging system + Solid state high energy

    Intelligent Charging
    Charging power 2500W
    Charging current 25A
    Charging mode Precise charging, fast charging, battery maintenance
    Protection function Leakage protection, high temperature protection
    Battery capacity 28000mAh
    Battery voltage 52.8V (4.4V/monolithic)


    For specific industries and scenarios such as electric power, firefighting, police, etc., carrying specific equipment to achieve the corresponding functions.



    1. What is the best price for your products?
    We will quote according to the quantity of your order, and the larger quantity is better.

    2. What is the minimum order quantity?
    Our minimum order quantity is 1, but of course there is no limit to our purchase quantity.

    3. How long is the delivery time of the products?
    According to the production order scheduling situation, generally 7-20 days.

    4. What is your payment method?
    Wire transfer, 50% deposit before production, 50% balance before delivery.

    5. How long is your warranty? What is the warranty?
    General UAV frame and software warranty of 1 year, the warranty of wearing parts for 3 months.

    6. if the product is damaged after purchase can be returned or exchanged?
    We have a special quality inspection department before leaving the factory, we will strictly control the quality of each link in the production process, so our products can achieve a 99.5% pass rate. If you are not convenient to inspect the products, you can entrust a third party to inspect the products at the factory.

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