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About the Type of Plant Protection Drones

In most cases, the models of plant protection drones can be mainly divided into single-rotor drones and multi-rotor drones.

1. Single-rotor plant protection drone


Single-rotor plant protection drone has two types of double and triple propellers. Single-rotor plant protection drone forward, backward, up, down is mainly dependent on adjusting the angle of the main propeller to achieve, steering is achieved by adjusting the tail rotor, the main propeller and tail rotor wind field interference with each other is extremely low probability.


1) Large rotor, stable flight, good wind resistance.

2) Stable wind field, good atomization effect, large downward rotating airflow, strong penetration, pesticides can hit the root of the crop.

3) The core components are imported motors, components for aviation aluminum, carbon fiber materials, strong and durable, stable performance.

4) Long operating cycle, no major failures, stable and intelligent flight control system, after training to get started.


The cost of single-rotor plant protection drones is high, the control is difficult, and the quality of the flyer is high.

2. Multi-rotor plant protection drones


Multi-rotor plant protection drones have four-rotor, six-rotor, six-axis twelve-rotor, eight-rotor, eight-axis sixteen-rotor and other models. Multi-rotor plant protection drone in flight forward, backward, traverse, turn, raise, lower mainly relies on adjusting the rotational speed of the paddles to implement a variety of actions, characterized by two adjacent paddles rotate in opposite directions, so the wind field between them is a mutual interference, will also cause a certain amount of wind field disorder.


1) Low technical threshold, relatively cheap.

2) Easy to learn, a short time to get started, multi-rotor plant protection drone automation degree ahead of other models.

3) General motors are domestic model motors and accessories, vertical takeoff and landing, air hover.


Low wind resistance, continuous operation ability is poor.

Post time: May-05-2023