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Agricultural Drones Show Multiple Application Scenarios

Recently, agricultural drone companies around the world have demonstrated a variety of application scenarios of agricultural drones in different crops and environments, showing the powerful functions and advantages of agricultural drones.


In Henan, the drone provides local seeding services for cotton fields. The drone is equipped with a professional seeder and a precise positioning system, which can automatically sow cotton seeds at a specified location according to preset parameters, realizing efficient, even and saving sowing results.


In Jiangsu, the drone provides local weeding services for rice fields. Equipped with an intelligent identification and spraying system, the agricultural drone is able to distinguish between rice and weeds through image analysis and accurately spray herbicides on weeds, achieving a weeding effect that reduces labor, protects rice and reduces pollution.


In Guangdong, drones provide picking services for local mango orchards. Equipped with flexible grippers and sensors, the drone is able to gently pick mangoes from trees and place them in baskets according to their ripeness and location, realizing a picking effect that improves picking efficiency and quality and reduces damage and waste.


These agricultural drone application scenarios fully reflect the diversity and innovativeness of agricultural drones in agricultural production, providing new impetus and possibilities for the development of modern agriculture.

Post time: Jul-11-2023