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Drone AI Recognition Empowers Smart Water Conservancy

Drone river patrol is able to quickly and comprehensively monitor river and water conditions through the aerial view. However, simply relying on video data collected by drones is far from enough, and how to extract valuable information from a large number of images and videos is a major challenge for water management and low-altitude data applications.

Through AI identification, in-depth water conservancy low altitude inspection operation scenarios, covering water resources protection, river and lake waterside shoreline management and protection, water pollution prevention and control, water environment management, water ecological restoration, water disaster protection, etc., integrating a variety of mature algorithms in the water conservancy industry, and compatible with a variety of third-party drones/airports/platforms, empowering the high-quality development of intelligent water conservancy construction.

Identification of Floating Objects in River Channels


Floating objects and weeds on the river surface and both sides of the river channel will affect the degree of fluency of the river channel defense and the water surface environment.

AI Intelligent River Floating Object Detection: Efficiently detects floating objects in the river, including garbage and floating algae, etc., assisting the river chief to discover and clean up river garbage in a timely manner to further improve the ecological environment of rivers and lakes.

River Sewage Identification


River sewage is one of the main sources of water environment pollution, traditional sewage monitoring relies on fixed-point sampling and manual testing, with limited coverage and high concealment of sewage, increasing the difficulty of judgment.

AI Intelligent River Sewage Detection: accurately identifying sewage conditions, helping environmental monitors to quickly locate and deal with pollution sources, achieve early detection and early treatment, and maintain a good quality of the water ecosystem.

E-type Water Ruler Overlay Recognition


Water level monitoring is an important part of the flood control and drought relief work, the traditional water level monitoring needs to manually read the E-type water ruler data, the process is cumbersome and error-prone, especially during the flood season, can not get the data in real time.

AI Recognition Algorithm: by analyzing the E-type water ruler, measuring the height of the water level, providing accurate data support for hydrological monitoring.

Vessel Identification


Vessel management in the water is crucial for maintaining safety and order in the waterway.

AI Intelligent Vessel Detection Algorithm: it can accurately identify the presence of vessels under the aerial photography field of view, help managers to master the vessel navigation, operation, mooring and assist in the prevention of vessel safety accidents, etc. It can also track the vessel dynamics, maintain a good water traffic order in the waters, and safeguard the continuous stability of the water traffic safety situation in the jurisdiction.


Post time: Jun-12-2024