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Drone Pesticides Increase Corn Yields

Corn is an important source of feed for animal husbandry, aquaculture, aquaculture, as well as an indispensable raw material for food, health care, light industry, chemical industry and other industries. In order to improve the yield, in addition to the need to choose excellent varieties, corn in the middle and late stages of pest control and nutritional supplementation is also particularly important.


In order to verify that corn in the middle and late stages can be achieved by flying plant protection to prevent diseases and insects, and increase production and income, the R & D team selected two plots of corn fields of 1 hectare in size for comparison.

In the test plot, we carried out two injections, respectively, the large trumpet stage and the male pumping stage, while in the control plot, according to the farmers’ past habits, in addition to the initial injection of a herbicide, no further treatment, and ultimately, through the sampling of yield measurement, to compare the difference in yield and quality.



In October, it was time to harvest both the test plots and the control plots. The testers took samples from 20 meters from the edge of the ground in both the test and control plots.

The two plots were each 26.68 square meters, and then all the corn cobs obtained were weighed, and 10 cobs from each were threshed and measured for moisture content three times each and averaged.


Yield estimation

After weighing, the weight of the sample from the control plot was 75.6 kg, with an estimated yield of 1,948 kg per mu; the weight of the sample from the test plot was 84.9 kg, with an estimated yield of 2,122 kg per mu, which is a theoretical yield increase of 174 kg per mu compared with the control plot.


Fruit spike comparison and pests and diseases

After comparison, in addition to yield, in terms of cob quality, after plant protection fly control of the test plots and control plots also have obvious differences. The test plots of corn cob bald tip is small, corn cob is more robust, uniform, golden kernels, lower water content, cob rot occurs lightly.


In recent years, the corn fly control market has been developing rapidly, especially in the field of disease prevention and yield increase, which has become a new blue ocean market at the moment. Farmers who realize the importance of mid- and late-stage management of corn are gradually increasing, and the market for drone plant protection to prevent disease and increase yield will become more and more broad.

Post time: Nov-01-2023