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Drones Help with Greening

Beginning in 2021, Lhasa north and south mountain greening project was officially launched, plans to use 10 years to complete the forestation of 2,067,200 acres, Lhasa to become a green mountain embracing the north and south, green water around the ancient city of ecological livable plateau capital city. 2024 plans to complete the afforestation of the north and south mountain of Lhasa more than 450,000 acres. Nowadays, the application of technology such as drones makes planting trees on the plateau with high mountains, steep slopes and lack of water no longer so difficult.


High quality and efficiency to promote the greening project of Lhasa North and South Mountain, science and technology plays a key role. The use of drones not only improves the efficiency of soil transportation, but also ensures construction safety. Tree planting workers said: “With the help of drones, we do not have to struggle to move the soil and saplings on the mountain, the drone is responsible for transportation, we focus on planting. The mountains here are steep, and using the drone is both convenient and safe.”

“It takes an hour for a mule and horse to go back and forth on our part of the hill, transporting 20 trees per trip. Now, with the drone can carry 6 to 8 trees per trip, a trip back and forth only 6 minutes, that is to say, a mule and horse with an hour of transportation of 20 trees, the drone only needs more than 20 minutes. A day counting, a drone can complete the workload of 8 to 14 mules and horses, with a drone is not only safe but also save time and labor.”

It is reported that the transportation of soil and trees through drones is one of the methods implemented by the districts to solve the problems of slow manual transportation and safety hazards due to the steep terrain. In addition to this, various tools such as ropeways and winches are used in the construction of greening projects.

“Whether it’s water, electricity, road support facilities or drone transportation, all these methods are designed to enable the smooth implementation of the greening project in the north and south mountains of Lhasa.” When choosing the vegetation used in the greening project of Lhasa’s north and south mountains, the research team also analyzed the local climate, soil and other natural conditions in-depth through remote sensing technology, and screened out tree species and grass species suitable for growth in Lhasa’s north and south mountains to ensure the durability of the greening effect and the harmony of the ecology. At the same time, Lhasa North and South Mountain greening project application of intelligent water-saving irrigation equipment, not only to improve the efficiency of water use, but also to avoid the damage caused by excessive irrigation on the soil structure.

The greening project of Lhasa North and South Mountains is in full swing, and the dream of “five years of greening mountains and rivers, ten years of greening Lhasa” is becoming a reality.

Post time: Apr-16-2024