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Fertilizer Sowing By Drones

Autumn harvest and fall plowing rotation is busy, and everything is new in the field. In Jinhui Town, Fengxian District, as single-season late rice enters the harvesting sprint stage, many farmers rush to sow green fertilizer through drones before rice harvesting, in order to improve the promotion of crop growth, the comprehensive production capacity of farmland, and to lay a solid foundation for the next year’s bumper grain harvest. The use of drones also saves a lot of manpower and costs for busy farmers.



On November 20, the drone operator was carrying out fertilizer sowing operation. After a skilled operation, accompanied by a rotor roar, loaded with beans of the drone slowly flew up, quickly jumped into the air, ran to the rice paddies, circling back and forth over the rice paddies, wherever, a grain of beans in the form of green fertilizers, accurate and uniformly sprinkled in the field, injecting vitality into the soil, but also played the prelude to the next year’s bumper harvest of rice.


Science and technology into the farmland, so that agricultural production from the “physical work” into a “technical work”. 100 pounds of beans, less than 3 minutes to spray finished. “Previously artificial broadcasting to two or three days, now the drone a move, half a day on the broadcasting, and green fertilizer is very environmentally friendly, the output of the economic benefits of crops is also very good. After the green fertilizer is sown, the rice will be harvested in a few days, and it is convenient to open the furrows with the tractor.”


Nowadays, more and more technology such as 5G, Internet, intelligent machinery is profoundly changing the way of agricultural production, and also changing the farmers’ inherent planting concepts for thousands of years. From planting to harvesting to deep processing, finishing, with the extension of the agricultural industry chain, each link of the chain shows the power of science and technology, but also allows more farmers to benefit from high-tech, so that the harvest more hopeful.

Post time: Nov-23-2023