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High-Rise Building Firefighting & Rescue Program: Integration of Drones & Firefighting Payload Applications

Aging or short-circuiting of electrical wiring is a common cause of fires in high-rise buildings. Since electrical wiring in high-rise buildings is long and concentrated, it is easy to start a fire once a malfunction occurs; improper use, such as cooking unattended, littering cigarette butts, and the use of high-powered appliances may lead to a fire.


When a fire occurs, the glass curtain walls commonly found in high-rise buildings are affected by high temperatures, which can lead to rupture and exacerbate the fire. The complex structure and compact layout inside high-rise buildings also make the fire spread faster. In addition, improperly maintained firefighting facilities in high-rise buildings, or occupied fire escapes, can greatly increase the risk of fire.

Drones, through their integration and application with different firefighting payloads, have outstanding advantages in firefighting and emergency response, and are an indispensable part of the modern firefighting system.


Drone + CO₂ Cold Launch Fire Extinguishing Bomb

Carbon dioxide cold launch, throwing fire extinguishing agent, covering a large area of the fire area, superior fire extinguishing performance. The throwing structure has no pyrotechnic products, one-way cracking, no debris dispersion, and will not cause secondary injury to personnel and equipment in the building. The ground operator selects the fire window through the handheld video terminal, and the intelligent hanger launches the fire extinguishing bomb to put out the fire.

Functional Advantages


1. Non-Toxic & Non-Smoke Adaptability, Safe & Reliable Low Cost

Carbon dioxide cold launch does not require pyrotechnic engine technology, applied to fire bomb is mainly to replace the traditional rocket propulsion mode, reduce the production, transportation and storage risk and cost, and eliminate the risk of secondary fire in the fire scene. Compared with the traditional gunpowder propulsion method, liquid gas phase change technology has high expansion efficiency, non-toxic and non-smoke adaptability, safety and reliability, low cost and so on.

2. Small Particle Size, Low Concentration & Good Diffusion Performance

UAV launch broken window fire bomb, broken window into the fire, supercritical carbon dioxide excitation, carbon dioxide gasification volume expansion, high-pressure carbon dioxide gas as the driving force, so that the fire extinguishing agent quickly and efficiently dispersed to extinguish the fire in the place, to chemical inhibition and heat absorption and cooling mechanism to extinguish the flame. The extinguishing agent has the advantages of small particle size, low concentration, good flow and diffusion performance, etc. It is suitable for extinguishing fully submerged and localized fires, and is suitable for high-rise buildings, warehouses, ship cabins and power stations and other places.

3. Dual-Camera Simultaneous Shooting, Triangulation Principle of Distance Measurement

The multifunctional composite detection structure uses binocular camera to complete the aiming and ranging function of the building in front of the UAV. Compared with the ordinary monocular RGB camera, the left and right cameras can shoot the same point at the same time, and according to the principle of triangulation, it can complete the ranging of the objects within the field of view. The images taken by the binocular camera and the distance measurement results are processed by the algorithm and then remotely transmitted back to the ground for the operator.


Drone + Fire Hose


Designed for the needs of urban high-rise firefighting, the drone carries out high-altitude water spraying operations by carrying fire hoses, fully realizing the advantages of long-distance separation between the operator and the fire scene, which can well protect the personal safety of firefighters. The water belt of this fire hose extinguishing system is made of polyethylene silk, which is ultra-light, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant and high strength. Improving the water supply pressure makes the water spraying distance bigger.

The unmanned airborne fire hose extinguishing system can also be loaded on the fire truck, can be quickly launched into the air, through the special high-pressure water hose connected to the fire truck tank, in the nozzle of the water gun horizontal spray out, to achieve the effect of extinguishing the fire!

Post time: Apr-02-2024