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How Can I Improve My Drone’s Range Standby Time?

As an emerging industry that has attracted much attention, drones are widely used in various fields such as flight photography, geological exploration, and agricultural plant protection. However, due to the limited battery capacity of drones, standby time is relatively short, which often becomes a challenge for users when using drones.


In this paper, we will discuss how to extend the standby time of drones from both hardware and software aspects.


1. From the hardware side, optimizing the drone’s battery is the key to extending standby time

The common types of drone batteries on the market today are lithium batteries and polymer lithium batteries.

Li-polymer batteries are becoming a new favorite in the drone field due to their high energy density and small size. Choosing a high energy density, low self-discharge rate lithium polymer battery can effectively extend the standby time of the drone. In addition, the use of multiple batteries working in combination can increase the total energy reserve of the drone, which is also an effective way to increase the standby time. Of course, when choosing batteries, attention should also be paid to the quality of the batteries, and choosing high-quality batteries can improve the overall performance and service life of the drone.


2. Reducing the power consumption of drones by optimizing the design of motors and propellers, thereby extending standby time

Matching the hub motor and the engine to reduce the power loss when the motor is running is an important means of optimization. At the same time, the use of new materials and technologies to reduce the weight and air resistance of the propeller can also effectively reduce energy consumption, improve the flight efficiency of the drone, and extend its standby time.


3. Extending the standby time of drones by rationally controlling their routes and flight altitudes

For multi-rotor drones, avoiding flying at low altitude or in areas with high wind resistance reduces energy consumption, which can effectively extend the standby time of the drone. Meanwhile, when planning the flight path, choosing a straight flight path or adopting a curved flight path to avoid frequent maneuvers is also a way to extend the standby time.


4. Optimization of the drone’s software is equally important

Before the drone carries out a mission, the performance of the drone can be optimized and its standby time can be extended by troubleshooting the software system to see if it is functioning properly, if there are any processes that are abnormally taking up resources, and if there are any ineffective programs running in the background.


In summary, by optimizing the hardware and software of the drone, we can effectively extend the standby time of the drone. Selecting high energy density, low self-discharge rate battery and multi-battery combination, optimizing the design of motor and propeller, rationally controlling the route and flight altitude, and optimizing the software system are all effective ways to extend the standby time of drones. Optimization of the software system is an effective way to extend the standby time of the drone.

Post time: Aug-22-2023