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How Far Can Agricultural Drones Fly

Agricultural drones are one of the most important innovations in agricultural technology in recent years, and they can improve the efficiency and quality of agricultural production by accurately spraying, monitoring, and collecting data on crops in the air. But how far do agricultural drones fly? This depends on the model and configuration of the drone, with different drones having different ranges and signal coverage.

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Generally, agricultural drones fly around 20 kilometers, which means they can cover a land area of about 400 square kilometers. Of course, this is also affected by factors such as the drone's battery capacity, flight speed, wind speed, and temperature. To ensure safe and stable flights, agricultural drones are usually set with a return point, where the drone will automatically return to the return point when the battery falls below a certain level or when the signal is lost.

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The flight distance of agricultural drones is also related to the remote control or mobile device used. Some high-end remote controllers or mobile devices can extend the signal transmission range through enhanced antennas or repeaters, thus increasing the flight distance of the drone. Additionally, some drones can also achieve greater flight distance through satellite navigation systems, but this requires a higher level of technology and cost.

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In conclusion, the flight distance of agricultural drones is determined by a variety of factors, and different agricultural scenarios and needs may require different flight distances. The development of agricultural drones is still progressing, and higher performance and longer distance agricultural drones may appear in the future.

Post time: Nov-03-2023