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How Far can Delivery Drones Travel

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, September 7, 2023 – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has given UPS approval to operate its growing drone delivery business, allowing its drone pilots to deploy drones over greater distances, thus expanding its range of potential customers. This means human operators will monitor routes and deliveries only from a centralized location. According to the FAA’s Aug. 6 announcement, UPS Flight Forward subsidiaries can now operate their drones out of the pilot’s line of sight (BVLOS).


Currently, the current range for drone deliveries is 10 miles. However, this range is sure to increase over time. A delivery drone typically carries 20 pounds of cargo and travels at 200 mph. This would allow the drone to fly from Los Angeles to San Francisco in three to four hours.


These technological advances provide consumers with faster, more efficient, and cheaper delivery options. However, as drone technology advances, we must also consider safety.The FAA has developed a number of regulations to ensure that drones operate safely and protect the public from potential dangers.

Post time: Sep-25-2023