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How Intelligence in Drone Batteries is Presented

Drone smart batteries are increasingly used in a variety of drones, and the characteristics of the “smart” drone batteries are also diversified.


The intelligent drone batteries chosen by Hongfei include all kinds of electric capacity, and can be carried by plant protection drones of different loads (10L-72L).


So what exactly are the unique and intelligent features of this series of smart batteries that make the process of using them safer, more convenient and easier?


1. Check the power indicator instantly

Battery with four bright LED indicators, discharge or charge, can automatically recognize the state of power indication; battery in the off state, short press the button, LED indication of power about 2 seconds after the extinction.


2. Battery life reminder

When the number of times of use reaches 400 times (some models for 300 times, specific to the battery instructions prevail), the power indicator LED lights all turn red Color indication of power, suggesting that the battery life has been reached, the user needs to use discretion.


3. Charging intelligent alarm

During the charging process, the battery real-time detection status, charging over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature alarm prompts.

Alarm description:

1) Charging over-voltage alarm: the voltage reaches 4.45V, the buzzer alarm, the corresponding LED flashes; until the voltage is lower than 4.40V recovery, the alarm is lifted.

2) Charging over-temperature alarm: the temperature reaches 75℃, buzzer alarm, corresponding LED flashes; the temperature is lower than 65℃ or the end of charging, the alarm is lifted.

3) Charging overcurrent alarm: the current reaches 65A, the buzzer alarm ends in 10 seconds, the corresponding LED flashes; charging current is less than 60A, the LED alarm is lifted.


4. Intelligent storage function

When the battery of the smart drone is at a higher charge for a long time and not in use, it will automatically start the intelligent storage function, discharging to the storage voltage to ensure the safety of battery storage.


5. Automatic hibernation function

If the battery is turned on and not in use, it will automatically hibernate and shut down after 3 minutes when the power is high, and after 1 minute when the power is low. When the battery is low, it will automatically hibernate after 1 minute to save battery power.


6. Software upgrade function

The smart battery chosen by Hongfei has communication function and software upgrade function, which can be connected to computer through USB serial port for software upgrade and update the battery software.


7. Data communication function

The smart battery has three communication modes: USB serial communication, WiFi communication and CAN communication; through the three modes can obtain real-time information about the battery, such as the current voltage, current, the number of times the battery has been used, etc.; the flight control can also establish a connection with this for timely data interaction.


8. Battery logging function

The smart battery is designed with a unique logging function, which is able to record and store the data of the whole life process of the battery.

Battery log information includes: single unit voltage, current, battery temperature, cycle times, abnormal state times, etc. Users can connect to the battery through the cell phone APP to view.


9. Intelligent equalization function

The battery is automatically equalized internally to keep the battery pressure difference within 20mV.


All these features ensure that the smart drone battery is safer and more efficient during use, and it is easy to view the real-time status of the battery, allowing the drone to fly higher and safer.

Post time: Aug-29-2023