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HTU Series Drone Maintenance Tips (2/3)

During the use of drones, is it often neglected the maintenance work after use? A good maintenance habit can greatly extend the life of the drone.


Here, we divide the drone and maintenance into several segments.
1. Airframe maintenance
2. Avionics system maintenance
3. Spraying system maintenance
4. Spreading system maintenance
5. Battery maintenance
6. Charger and other equipment maintenance
7. Generator maintenance


In view of the large amount of content, the entire content will be released in three times. This is the second part, which contains the maintenance of the spraying and spreading system.


Sprinkler System Maintenance

(1) use a soft brush to clean the aircraft’s medicine tank inlet screen, medicine tank outlet screen, nozzle screen, nozzle.

(2) fill the medicine tank with soapy water, use the brush to scrub the pesticide residue inside the tank and external stains, and then pour out the sewage, noting that silicone gloves must be worn to prevent pesticide erosion.

(3) then add full soapy water, open the remote control, power up the aircraft, use the remote control’s one-touch spray button to spray out all the soapy water, so that the pump, flow meter, pipeline for thorough cleaning.

(4) and then add water, use a key spray all out, repeat several times until the pipeline is thorough and the water is odorless.

(5) for a relatively large amount of work, the use of more than a year of aircraft also need to check whether the water pipe is broken or loose, timely replacement.


Spreading System Maintenance

(1) turn on the spreader, flush the barrel with water and use a brush to scrub the inside of the barrel.

(2) dry the spreader with a dry towel, remove the spreader, take off the discharge tube, and brush it clean.

(3) clean the stains on the surface of the spreader, the wire harness terminals, the weight sensor and the infrared sensor with alcohol wool.

(4) place the air inlet screen facing downward, clean it with a brush, then wipe it with a wet rag and dry it.

(5) remove the motor roller, wipe the roller groove clean, and clean the dust and foreign matter of the inner and outer shafts of the motor with a brush, then apply an appropriate amount of lubricant to maintain lubrication and rust prevention.

Post time: Jan-18-2023