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HTU Series Drone Maintenance Tips (3/3)

During the use of drones, is it often neglected the maintenance work after use? A good maintenance habit can greatly extend the life of the drone.


Here, we divide the drone and maintenance into several segments.
1. Airframe maintenance
2. Avionics system maintenance
3. Spraying system maintenance
4. Spreading system maintenance
5. Battery maintenance
6. Charger and other equipment maintenance
7. Generator maintenance


In view of the large amount of content, the entire content will be released in three times. This is the third part, including battery maintenance and storage, and other equipment maintenance.


Battery maintenance and storage


(1) the surface of the battery and the panel of the drug stains wipe clean with a wet rag.

(2) check the battery for signs of bumping, if there is a serious bumping resulting in deformation or bumping need to check whether the cell is damaged by compression, such as cell damage leakage, bulging need to replace the battery in a timely manner, the old battery scrap treatment.

(3) check the battery snap, if damaged timely replacement.

(4) check whether the LED light is normal, whether the switch is normal, if abnormal timely contact the after-sales service processing.

(5) use alcohol cotton wipe the battery socket, water washing is strictly prohibited, remove the copper rust and black lightning traces, copper pieces such as burning melting serious timely contact after-sales maintenance treatment.


(1) when storing the battery, pay attention to the battery’s power cannot be lower than 40%, to keep the power between 40% and 60%.

(2) long-term storage of batteries should be charged and discharged once a month.

(3) when storing, try to use the original box for storage, avoid storing with pesticides, no flammable and explosive items around and above, avoid direct sunlight, keep dry and ventilated.

(4) the battery must be stored on a more stable shelf or on the ground.


Charger and other equipment maintenance


(1) wipe the appearance of the charger, and check whether the charger’s connecting wire is broken, if found broken must be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.

(2) check whether the charging head is burned and melted or fire traces, use alcohol cotton to wipe clean, serious replacement.

(3) then check whether the charger’s heat sink is dusty, use a rag to clean up.

(4) too much dust when removing the charger shell, use a hair dryer to blow away the dust above.

–Remote control & punter–

(1) use alcohol cotton to wipe the remote control and punter shell, screen and buttons clean.

(2) toggle the remote lever, and likewise wipe the rocker slit clean with alcohol cotton.

(3) use a small brush to clean the remote control’s heat sink dust.

(4) keep the remote control and punter power at about 60% for storage, and the general battery is recommended to be charged and discharged once in a month or so to keep the battery active.

(5) remove the remote control rocker and put the remote control in a special box for storage, and put the punter in a special bag for storage.


Generator maintenance

(1) check the oil level every 3 months and add or replace the oil in a timely manner.

(2) timely cleaning of the air filter, recommended every 2 to 3 months cleaning.

(3) check spark plugs every six months, clear carbon, and replace spark plugs once a year.

(4) calibrate and adjust the valve lash once a year, the operation needs to be operated by professionals.

(5) if not used for a long time, the tank and carburetor oil should be put clean before storage.


Post time: Jan-30-2023