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HTU T30 Medium Rotary Wing Logistics Drone Delivered Successfully!

The HTU T30 is a product developed using a fully orthogonal design process to address the end logistics scenario and solve the problem of transporting large loads of materials over short and medium distances. The product has a maximum take-off weight of 80kg, a payload of 40kg, and an effective distance of 10km, with the characteristics of high reliability, large load capacity and wide application, and can be widely used in the application scenario of short and medium distance material delivery.


Here is a specific price for you to introduce the HTU T30 logistics system solution, which is mainly composed of the aircraft platform, UAV operation control system, 5G/radio dual residual link system, RTK precision positioning system and other systems, as follows:


1. HTU T30 Logistics Drone Platform


Based on the HTU T30, the logistics drone platform and flight control system have undergone elaborate system design and simulation experiments to ensure the stability and reliability of the system’s work. It also achieves IP67 waterproof rating, modular structure design, etc., making the protection more tight, the structure more solid and the maintenance more convenient.




2. Drone Operation Control System


The drone is equipped with an intelligent backstage cluster operation and control system, which can effectively control the drone in real time remotely by means of 5G network or radio, and monitor the operation of multiple drones at the same time, and ensure the safety of drone operation by remote command or manual intervention in case of emergency.


3. 5G/Radio Dual Margin Link System


There are two main modes of UAV link communication, one is to directly use the public network operator’s 5G for communication, the advantage of this mode is that it is flexible and can add nodes at will, while being able to realize ultra-long distance command and control; the other is to realize local remote control communication through local remote control to realize safe control of UAVs, and the two modes can be used at the same time to backup each other and ensure operational safety.


4. RTK Precise Positioning System

RTK differential precision positioning system is adopted during the flight of the UAV, which can ensure the UAV to maintain centimeter-level high-precision positioning during takeoff and landing and flight.


—-Scene Application—-

HTU T30 logistics system has the advantage of high cost performance, and has been put into practical application in many scenarios such as water vessel distribution, mountainous area material delivery and resort material delivery.


Post time: Feb-07-2023