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Precision Sowing of Winter Wheat Using Drones

Winter wheat is a traditional industry of winter agricultural development in Sanchuan Town. This year, Sanchuan Town around the wheat seeding technical innovation, vigorously promote the drone precision seeding, and then realize the wheat fly sowing and plowing automation, for the winter wheat full mechanization of farming to lay a solid foundation.


In Sanchuan Township winter wheat seeding site, a drone is taking off back and forth, each time about 10 pounds of equipped wheat seed transported into the air, and then sown to the plot of land in operation. Through more than 10 times of back and forth takeoff, nearly 20 acres of the field will be completed fly sowing. Subsequently, the drone is loaded with fertilizer, back and forth to the seeding of the field for more than 10 times spraying, in just 2 hours, it will complete the seeding and fertilization work. Finally, the large tractor quickly followed up, covering the soil, the whole process in one go, saving time, energy and labor.



Compared with manual operation, drone operation saves the cost of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, labor, etc., and the benefits are greatly enhanced. And the drone operation efficiency is high, every day can be sown 100 acres, more than 200 acres of medicine, effectively reducing the labor intensity of manual labor.


Drone precision sowing adopts precise guidance, programmed cultivation, scientific calculation of the area of the field, sowing seeds, fertilizer sowing and dosage, and implementation of sowing through the calculation program, which is able to accurately and quantitatively sow the field, and greatly reduce the production cost of winter wheat. Through precise satellite positioning, all-round, dead-angle-free sowing, sowing seeds with drones sowing uniformity, high seedling rate, conducive to seedling growth.


This year, for the first time in the town, Sanchuan Town began to use winter wheat drone precision sowing, laying the foundation for the whole town’s winter wheat mechanized farming.

Post time: Nov-21-2023