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The 7 Most Overlooked Things Aerial Drone Pilots Do

1. Remember to Calibrate the Magnetic Compass Every Time You Change Takeoff Locations

Every time you go to a new takeoff and landing site, remember to lift your drone for a compass calibration. But also remember to stay away from parking lots, construction sites, and cell towers that are prone to interference when calibrating.

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2. Daily Maintenance

Before and after takeoff, remember to check whether the screws are firm, the propeller is intact, the motor is running normally, the voltage is stable, and don't forget to check whether the remote control is fully charged.

3. Don't Leave Full or Exhausted Batteries Unused for Long Periods of Time

The smart batteries used in drones are very expensive, but they are also what keep the drone powered. When you need to leave your batteries unused for a long period of time, charge them to half their capacity to help extend their life. When using them, remember not to use them too "clean".

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4. Remember to Carry Them with You

If you are going to travel with your drone, especially when traveling by plane, try to choose to bring them on the plane, and also carry the battery separately from the drone to avoid spontaneous combustion and other situations. At the same time, in order to protect the drone, it is best to use a carrying case with protection.

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5. Redundant Backups

Accidents are unavoidable, and when a drone can't take off, a filming project is often put on hold. For commercial shoots in particular, redundancy is a must. Even if it's not used as a backup, dual camera flights at the same time are essential for commercial shoots.

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6. Make Sure You're in Good Shape

Operating a drone is like driving a car, besides the equipment, you need to be in good condition. Don't listen to other people's instructions, you are the pilot, you are the one responsible for the drone, think carefully before doing any operation.

7. Transfer Data in Time

There's nothing worse than flying all day and then having a drone accident and losing all the footage you've shot all day. Bring enough memory cards with you, and replace one each time you land, to ensure that all the footage from each flight is properly saved.

Post time: Jan-03-2024