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Why More and More People are Choosing Plant Protection Drones


Plant protection drones are unmanned aircraft used in agriculture and forestry plant protection operations, mainly through ground remote control or GPS flight control, to achieve intelligent agriculture spraying operation.

Compared with traditional plant protection operation, UAV plant protection operation has the characteristics of accurate operation, high efficiency and environmental protection, intelligence and simple operation, etc. For farmers to save the cost of large machinery and a lot of manpower.

Smart agriculture and precision agriculture are inseparable from plant protection drones.

So what are the advantages of plant protection drones?

1. Saving and environmental protection

Drone spraying technology can save at least 50% of pesticide use, save 90% of water consumption, significantly reducing the cost of resources.

The plant protection operation is fast, and the purpose can be achieved in a short time with one operation. The speed of killing insects is fast and less harmful to the atmosphere, soil and crops, and the navigation technology can be used for precise operation and uniform application, which is more environmental friendly.


2. High efficiency and safety

Agricultural drones fly fast, and their efficiency is at least 100 times higher than conventional spraying.

Plant protection flying defense to achieve the separation of workers and drugs, through the ground remote control or GPS flight control, spraying operators operate from a distance to avoid the danger of operators exposed to pesticides.


3. Significant control effect

As the plant protection drone adopts ultra-low volume spraying method, it uses special flying prevention aids in the plant protection flying operation, and the downward airflow generated by the rotary volume helps increase the penetration of the liquid to the crops.

The drone has the characteristics of low operating height, less drift, and can hover in the air, etc. The downward airflow generated by the rotor when spraying pesticides helps to increase the penetration of the liquid to the crops, and the effect of pest control is better.

4. Operation at night

The liquid is attached to the plant surface, the temperature is high during the day, and the liquid is easy to evaporate under direct sunlight, so the operation effect is far inferior to the low temperature operation at night. Manual night operation is difficult, while plant protection drones are not restricted.


5. Low cost, easy to operate

The overall size of the drone is small, light weight, low depreciation rate, easy maintenance, low labor cost per unit of operation.

Easy to operate, the operator can master the essentials and perform the task after training.

Post time: Apr-25-2023