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Paddles for Agriculture Uav Drone 2480 Propeller for Hobbywing X6 Plus Motor Power System

Short Description:

  • FOB Price: US $13.7-16.5 / Piece
  • Product Name: Hobbywing 2480 Propeller
  • Material: Carbon Fiber and Nylon Alloy
  • Size: Length: 29.7cm Width: 4.7cm
  • Weight: 35g/Piece
  • Product Detail

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    Hobbywing 2480 Propeller for Hobbywing X6 Plus Motor


    · High Efficiency: The Hobbywing 2480 Propeller is engineered for exceptional efficiency, maximizing thrust while minimizing power consumption. This efficiency leads to longer flight times and improved overall performance.
    · Advanced Design: With its advanced aerodynamic design, the 2480 Propeller reduces drag and turbulence, resulting in smoother airflow and enhanced stability during flight. This design also contributes to reduced noise levels, making for a more pleasant flying experience.
    · Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality materials, the Hobbywing 2480 Propeller offers excellent durability and resilience against impacts and wear. This ensures reliable performance over extended periods, even in demanding flying conditions.
    · Precision Balance: Each propeller is precisely balanced to minimize vibrations, providing smoother operation and reducing stress on the motor and other components. This balance contributes to improved overall reliability and longevity of the drone system.
    · Compatibility: Designed to be compatible with a wide range of drone models, the Hobbywing 2480 Propeller offers versatility and flexibility for various applications.
    · Ease of Installation: The propeller's user-friendly design makes installation quick and straightforward, allowing pilots to spend less time on setup and more time enjoying their flights. This ease of installation also facilitates maintenance and replacement when necessary.

    Product Parameters

    Product Name Hobbywing 2480 Propeller
    Application Hobbywing X6 Plus Motor (Agricultural Plant Protection Drone)
    Blade Type Folding Blade
    Material Carbon Fiber and Nylon Alloy
    Color Black
    (One-pair CW and CCW total 4 pieces)
    Blade Length 29.7cm
    Blade Width 4.7cm
    Propeller Hole Inner Diameter 6mm
    Propeller Root Height 7mm
    Weight 35g/piece

    Product Features

    Foldable Design
    · Combine Convenience and Performance


    Carbon Fiber and Nylon Alloy Materials
    · Lightweight, Optimal Performance and Long Life



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