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HF T30-6 Agriculture Drone – 30 Liter 6-axis Foldable Transportation

Short Description:

  • FOB Price: US $6710-7035 / Piece
  • Material: Aerospace aluminum frame
  • Weight: 26.2kg (Without Battery)
  • Payload: 30L
  • Spraying Width: 4-9meters
  • Spraying Efficiency: 8-12 ha/hours
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Agricultural Plant Protection Drone HF T30-6
    Plug-in Frame, Foldable Arm, Quick Completion of Spraying Tasks

    Agricultural Plant Protection Drone HF T30-6

    Fuselage Structure
    One-piece body frame, streamlined modular design, high strength, superb compatibility and reliability
    Can carry 30L spraying tank, 40L spreading system

    Fuselage Structure

    Fuselage Integration Modular
    Meet a variety of programs, can be quickly disassembled and installed, integrated head weak power waterproof module, strong power protection module at the end of the machine, water tank battery can be quickly plugged area.
    RTK, remote control antenna corresponding installation position, all the arms can be completed quickly disassembled, hidden protection alignment, for agricultural plant protection to provide a systematic installation program.

    Fuselage Integration Modular-1
    Fuselage Integration Modular-2

    Lightweight folding, fast transfer

    Dustproof and waterproof

    30L large-capacity spraying water tank

    T30-6 adopts a new folding method to minimize transportation costs, and can be easily operated by a single person

    IP65 protection level, the whole machine is dustproof and waterproof, can be directly flushed

    T30-6 is equipped with 30L large-capacity spraying water tank, more efficient sowing, improve the working area and efficiency

    Multiple Battery Solutions
    To meet different needs, you can choose intelligent pluggable battery or dump wire pluggable battery

    Dump Wire Pluggable Battery

    Intelligent Pluggable Battery

    One Machine for Multiple Uses
    To meet the needs of different users, a variety of options are available:
    Spraying kit or spreading kit

    One Machine for Multiple Uses

    40L Spreading systems

    Efficient sowing platform

    Efficient sowing, saving time and effort

    Precise sowing, uniform particles

    -This spreading system can be used with HF T30 plant protection drone to efficiently deliver solid particles such as seeds and fertilizers through high rotation speed.-It can be equipped with various control systems and RTK high precision navigation facilities to make the spreading operation more accurate. -For example, the HF T30 can sow more than 5.3 ha of rice per hour, which is 50~60 times more efficient than manual sowing.-With intelligent control and fully autonomous sowing, it can easily operate under natural conditions where ground sowing equipment is difficult to work. -The HF T30 drone has a stable structure and is equipped with a spreading system that can accurately spread seeds and solid particles to the desired location.-The design of rotating quantitative opening bin makes the scattered particles not lumpy and not sticky, landing evenly distributed to meet the demand of precise sowing.-Solve the traditional flying sowing dosage imprecision, low flight accuracy, uneven sowing and other pain points.

    Rice direct seeding

    Grassland replanting

    Fish pond feeding

    Sowing granular fertilizers and pesticide granules

    Can sow more than 36 ha per day, the efficiency is 5 times of high speed rice transplanter, improve the agricultural sowing link Locating areas where grassland ecology has been damaged and improving grassland ecosystems Precision feeding of fish food pellets, modern fish farming, avoiding the accumulation of fish food pollution of water quality Provide customized solutions for different granule density and quality to improve the agricultural management process

    HF T30-6 Drone Dimensions

    HF T30-6 Drone Dimensions

    1.What is the best price for your product?
    We will quote based on the quantity of your order, the higher the quantity the higher the discount.

    2.What is the minimum order quantity?
    Our minimum order quantity is 1 unit, but of course there is no limit to the number of units we can purchase.

    3.How long is the delivery time of the products?
    According to the production order dispatch situation, generally 7-20 days.

    4.What is your payment method?
    Wire transfer, 50% deposit before production, 50% balance before delivery.

    5.What is your warranty time? What is the warranty?
    General UAV frame and software warranty of 1 year, the warranty of wearing parts for 3 months.

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